Manage Economic Development - Princeton is experiencing a period of growth that calls for effective leadership and management. 

  • Improve collaboration with Princeton University as well as other entities - strengthen the synergy between town and gown: create an integrated public transit and parking management system, incentivize patronage of local small businesses.

  • Thoughtful, comprehensive rollout of affordable housing. 

  • Promote creative economic development to lower the residential tax burden. 

Communication and Inclusivity - Important issues in our evolving town call for a “big tent” approach that invites everyone in our community to the table.

  • Clearly communicate plans, ideas, policies, and opportunities to all members of our community through diverse platforms and languages.  

  • Promote racial and cultural literacy,  inclusion, and diversity throughout all Princeton government departments, services, and committees to better understand and serve everyone in our community. 

  • Enhance collaboration with private, public, nonprofit and grassroots organizations throughout Mercer County to provide Princeton residents full access to public resources  

  • Seek ways to increase civic engagement from all constituencies.

Support for Princeton Public Schools - Our school district is an essential part of our quality of life. Moving away from the tradition of operating in silos toward greater collaboration will only serve to strengthen our town. 

  • Amplify communication from Princeton Council regarding issues specifically important to Princeton Public Schools Families: planning and development, human services, policies, job opportunities, recreation, elections, and more.

  • Strengthen engagement with Princeton’s youth in committees and services, including paid internships and job opportunities.

  • Identify and champion synergies between municipal service providers throughout Mercer County to create efficiencies and budgetary savings.

  • Approximately 12 percent of students in Princeton Public Schools qualify for free and reduced lunch and other services provided by our town. We need a specific advocate to support these students and their families.

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